My life story - stevan stojanović: On Red Star and Bari, a suitcase full of money from Marseille, his wife, Belgium, Piksi,...

Kurir 17.11.2020

A career for the movies. He has kept goal against the greatest. A European champion. Received a suitcase full of money to sell a match, which he could have lived comfortably on for the rest of his life. Defended that goal line too. Changed clubs, but not his wife. Red Star has given him everything. And he says he has given it something too.

I was born in Kosovska Mitrovica. We lived in the Stari Trg neighbourhood, near the Trepča mine. I lived in Kosovo until I was five. Afterwards we moved to Rudnik, near Gornji Milanovac. And this is where both my childhood and my football career began. It all started in the school yard, and continued at the Mladi Rudar (Young Coalminer) football club. I always wanted to be a goalkeeper. Right from the start. Why a goalkeeper? Well, it was the jersey. I have always

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